Try These Tools & Methods For Exporting Google Search Results To Excel

Try These Tools & Methods For Exporting Google Search Results To Excel - Kensart

Extracting the search outcomes proper right into a spreadsheet is a seemingly straightforward issue.

Nonetheless, because of limitations on automated queries positioned by Google and completely different SERPs like Google and yahoo, it could probably become prohibitive to scrape the SERPs.

Compounding this topic is the reality that there aren’t many devices that will do this in an easy methodology that results in a spreadsheet with the sought-after info.

The subsequent is an overview of how one can export Google search outcomes to a spreadsheet, along with associated key phrase info as successfully.

Extract SERPs To Spreadsheet With A Chrome Extension

First on the guidelines is (arguably) among the finest Chrome extension for extracting the search outcomes straight proper right into a spreadsheet.

Numerous completely different extensions scrape the SERPs, nonetheless, they don’t extract the data proper right into a spreadsheet.

For occasion, Surfer website positioning has an amazing Chrome extension which will extract a serious quantity of useful particulars concerning the websites that rank inside the prime 10, along with current key phrase info which will help in crafting an article.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t export the SERPs properly right into a spreadsheet.

There’s one that does this slightly effectively, and it’s from SEOquake.

SEOquake Chrome Extension

Screenshot by author, Might 2022

SEOquake affords a free website positioning Chrome extension that provides plenty of website positioning info elements layered correctly over the search outcomes, along with numbers that correspond to the search place of each website listed inside the SERPs.

The SEOquake privateness protection states that it isn’t going to amass or use your info.

The extension will rely on each Of us Moreover Ask questions as a search consequence, so a SERP with 10 outcomes plus 4 Of us Moreover Ask will thus be listed as having 14 search outcomes.

As a technique to export solely plain guidelines of the search outcomes, it’s important to first take away your entire parameters from the report.

In every other case, the report will embody rather more information than what may be needed.

Step 1: The Parameters Button

The 1st step is to click on the Parameters menu button:

SEOquake ParametersScreenshot by author, Might 2022

Step 2: Deselect Parameters

What happens subsequently is {{that a}} flyout menu pops out over the search outcomes.

The flyout menu contains numerous parameters.

Un-tick your entire parameters.

SEOquake Chrome Extension Parameters MenuScreenshot by author, Might 2022

Step 3: Export To CSV

Now, you’re capable of getting hold of the search outcomes straight proper right into a spreadsheet.

On the left-hand menu, there’s merchandise labeled, Export to CSV. Merely click on it and the spreadsheet will start downloading.

SEOquake is a helpful methodology to acquire the very best 10 of the search outcomes straight proper right into a spreadsheet.

Export Search Choices To A Spreadsheet

One different useful gizmo is the SERP Keyword Scraper by search analyzer Chrome extension.

SERP Key phrase Scraper by search analyzer

Screenshot of SERP Keyword Scraper Chrome Extension PageScreenshot by author, Might 2022

This instrument is focused on extracting the important thing phrase phrases which may be in Google’s search choices.

SERP Key phrase Scraper produces useful particulars about the important thing phrases which may be related to your key phrase phrase, as displayed in Google’s search choices.

The Chrome extension exports the following search choices:

  • Search suggestions.
  • Related searches.
  • Search refinements.
  • FAQ rich outcomes.
  • Image entities.

The Chrome extension extracts key phrase info from:

Using the instrument is super simple.

Merely arrange the plugin and pin it to the browser so that it’s merely accessible.

The next step is to search on Google (or Bing) and click on the SERP Key phrase Scraper icon, and the important thing phrases are instantly copied to a clipboard.

Lastly, open up a spreadsheet program and paste. It’s as simple as that. Voila, correct?

The spreadsheet that the extension produces is evident and orderly so that it’s simple to search out what all the choices are.

The instrument first lists all the key phrase phrases extracted from the seen portion of the search choices (like Of us Moreover Ask, and so forth).

There’s a slight bit trick to using this extension to focus on.

Sooner than clicking the Chrome extension icon to generate the report, keep in mind to click inside the search subject to generate the Google Advocate key phrases.

For occasion, for the important thing phrase, What’s Structured Info:

  1. The first set of key phrases inside the spreadsheet is scraped from Google Advocate.
  2. The second set of key phrases inside the spreadsheet is scraped from the Of us Moreover Ask search perform.
  3. The third set of keyphrase phrases is scraped from the Related Searches search performance.
  4. The fourth group of key phrases was extracted from the FAQ Rich Results.
  5. The fifth group of key phrase phrases was extracted from the Of us Moreover Search For search perform.

That’s pretty useful info, and it’s simple to extract.

Merely click on the icon button, and the data is saved inside the copy clipboard. All you could do subsequent is paste it proper right into a spreadsheet.

One factor that I notably acknowledge regarding the SERP Key phrase Scraper Chrome extension is that it respects your privateness.

The instrument would not purchase any of your shopping info nor does it put it up for sale.

In step with the Privateness Practices:

“How does SERP Key phrase scraper work?

Each factor happens in your machine! We entry the availability code of the search consequence and extract the data for you. The plugin isn’t using any third event info.

The author has disclosed that it will not purchase or use your info

This author declares that your info is:

Not being provided to third occasions, outside of the permitted use cases.

Not getting used or transferred for features which may be unrelated to the merchandise’s core efficiency.

Not getting used or transferred to search out out creditworthiness or for lending features.”

Scrape Google’s SERPs With Screaming Frog

It’s doable to utilize Screaming Frog to scrape the search results and search features.

In actuality, there are quite a few completely different scraping devices that will do this, too. Nevertheless, it’s doable that Google might ban your IP sort out.

If that happens, then you be blocked from using Google.

It should even be well-known that Google strictly prohibits automated search queries.

Google’s terms of service have a bit that is unambiguously titled “No Automated Querying.”

Google’s prohibition assertion says:

“You possibly can not ship automated queries of any sort to Google’s system with out categorical permission upfront from Google.

Discover that “sending automated queries” consists of, amongst completely different points:

using any software program program which sends queries to Google to learn how an web web site or webpage “ranks” on Google for diverse queries;”

Scraping Google with automated queries can result in having your IP sort out banned.


SerpsBot is an API meaning which you could extract Google’s search outcomes, along with all search choices like Of us Moreover Ask and featured snippets.

The search outcomes are exported properly right into a JSON file, which can then be remodeled proper right into a spreadsheet if that’s what you want.

That’s an API, so one should be capable of programming languages.

Many Methods To Extract SERPs

In case you search online, you’ll uncover internet sites, workarounds, and devices for exporting Google’s search outcomes.

I’ve found that plenty of the online devices might present the first internet web page of Google’s SERPs and provide a way to export them to a spreadsheet.

One such website is SERPs to Excel. It does a great job of extracting the ten search outcomes.

Nonetheless, the positioning doesn’t rely on search results in the featured snippets nor does it rely on video outcomes. It gives outcomes based on the outdated 10 blue hyperlinks paradigm.

For occasion, a search for [what is Google palm?] results in seven search outcomes minus the featured snippets and flicks and consists of 1 search consequence from an internet web page two of the SERPs.

Results for one thing larger than the second internet web page of the SERPs costs $2 for 100+ search outcomes.

One advantage of this website is that it’s not following you spherical in your browser as a Chrome extension.

Nevertheless, whenever you favor the consolation of downloading the data instantly from the search outcomes, then a Chrome extension is further applicable for that form of workflow.

Key phrase Tool Workarounds

Numerous devices offer rank monitoring and key phrase evaluation. Nevertheless surprisingly, there aren’t many free devices that current this efficiency without having to do some workaround to get what you need.

Semrush Key phrase Overview Tool

On occasion, the free mannequin of Semrush affords the Key phrase Overview instrument which can present the SERPs in a useful methodology.

Step 1: Select Key phrase Overview Tool

On the left-side navigation menu,  select the Key phrase Overview hyperlink that’s located inside the Key phrase Evaluation half.

Screenshot of Semrush Left Side Navigation MenuScreenshot by author, Might 2022

Step 2: Search For Key phrases

Subsequent, look to the very best right-hand side of the net web page, the place there’s a search subject.

Enter the important thing phrase and click on the Search button.

Screenshot of Semrush Keyword Overview Search BoxScreenshot by author, Might 2022

Step 3: SERP Analysis

As quickly as the instrument has extracted the search outcomes, scroll properly down to the half-labeled SERP Analysis.

Proper right here, it is doable to repeat the guidelines of URLs that may be ranked inside the prime 10 for the chosen key phrase phrase.

Semrush SERP AnalysisScreenshot by author, Might 2022

Step 4: Paste Into A Spreadsheet

Lastly, copy the guidelines of search consequence URLs and paste them properly right into a spreadsheet.

Screenshot of a spreadsheet listing URLs and domain names of top 10 search resultsScreenshot by author, Might 2022

As you’ll see, it’s doable to create a spreadsheet of the very best 10 for diverse search outcomes using free key phrase evaluation devices, however, it’s an imperfect decision.

Extracting Search Results To A Spreadsheet

At first, it might seem that extracting the search outcomes proper right into a spreadsheet is a straightforward issue, nonetheless, it is not.

There is a selection of choices accessible, nonetheless, they each embody their very personal execs and cons.

Lastly, it is as a lot as you to search out which instrument works best in your workflow.

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