3 Ways to Insert a Video in Google Docs


Whereas Microsoft Phrase permits you to add and play a video immediately in your doc, Google Docs doesn’t at present provide this similar function. If you wish to embed a video to your Google Doc, we’ll present you just a few workarounds to make it occur.

1. Use the Video Preview

While you insert a YouTube video hyperlink into Google Docs, you’ll be able to take an additional motion to show that hyperlink in another way. With this comes the choice to preview the video in your doc window. It is a helpful means to make use of movies accessible with a URL.

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Type or paste the link to the video in your document. You’ll see a brief message asking if you want to display the title of the video instead of the link. Select this message or use Tab to accept.

When the link appears as the video title, hover your cursor over it. You’ll see the Smart Chip for the video. Move your cursor to the Smart Chip and then click “Open Preview.”

Open Preview in a video chip

You can then watch the video in the player on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Video preview in Google Docs

Hover your cursor over the video to display the controls. When you finish watching, simply click the X on the top right of the video to close the player.

Video playback controls in the preview

2. Copy From Google Slides to the Drawing Tool

Another option for inserting a video into Google Docs is using a combination of Google Slides and the drawing tool. This method works well for video links or those saved to Google Drive.

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Visit Google Slides and add the video to a slide using Insert > Video from the menu. Use the “Search,” “By URL,” or “Google Drive” tab to locate your video. Then click “Select” to insert it.

Video selected in Google Slides

When the video appears on the slide, copy it. You can do this by right-clicking and picking “Copy” or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C on Windows or Command + C on Mac.

Copy in the shortcut menu

Return to your document in Google Docs and create a drawing using Insert > Drawing > New from the menu.

Drawing, New on the Insert menu

Paste the video that’s on your clipboard into the Drawing window. Right-click and pick “Paste” or use the shortcut Ctrl+V on Windows or Command+V on Mac.

Paste in the shortcut menu

When the video appears in the Drawing window, select “Save and Close.”

Now you’ll see an image of the video in your document.

Video image in Google Docs

To play the video, double-click that image and press the Play button when the video opens in the drawing tool.

Video playing in the Drawing window

You can hover your cursor over the video to show the playback controls. When you finish watching, simply close the drawing window.

3. Install an Add-On

If neither of the above solutions quite meets your needs, there’s one more option. You can install a third-party Google Docs add-on called DocuTube Viewer. With it, you’ll be able to play a number of movies in a sidebar in your doc.

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Go to the Google Workspace Market and set up the instrument such as you would every other Google Docs add-on. Return to Google Docs and place a hyperlink to your video in your doc. You possibly can even insert a couple of video hyperlink when you like.

Video links in Google Docs

Go to Extensions within the menu, transfer to DocuTube Viewer, and decide “Watch” within the pop-out menu.

DocuTube Viewer, Watch in the Extensions menu

When the add-on opens within the sidebar, click on “Load Movies.”

Load Videos in the sidebar

All movies from the hyperlinks in your doc then load into the sidebar. Merely press Play for the one you need, and you may watch it within the sidebar. Hover your cursor over the video to pause and resume as regular.

Watch videos in the sidebar

Whichever methodology you determine to make use of, a minimum of you’ve got choices to insert a video in Google Docs. Should you’re in search of different methods so as to add visuals to your paperwork, think about inserting a flowchart or diagram.

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