How to Open PDFs in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Phrase can open quite a lot of file codecs, together with PDF. In case you don’t want to use a devoted PDF reader, use this phrase processing program to view in addition to edit your PDF information. We’ll present you two alternative ways to launch your information on this app.

In case you’re seeking to edit your PDFs with Phrase, be aware that the app could not have the ability to retain all the unique formatting of your information. It is because Phrase converts your PDF to an editable doc, the place generally the formatting will get misplaced.

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Open PDFs in Phrase Utilizing File Explorer

A fast solution to entry your PDF file in Phrase is to find your PDF in File Explorer after which open it from there. In case you’re a Mac person, you are able to do that by opening Finder, right-clicking your PDF, and choosing Open With > Word.

To do that on Windows, first, launch a File Explorer window and find your PDF.

Find the PDF file in File Explorer.

Right-click your PDF, and from the menu that opens, select Open With > Choose Another App.

Select Open With > Choose Another App from the menu.

On the app list, select Word. If you don’t see this app, then click “More Apps” and you’ll see all your installed apps.

After selecting Word, at the bottom, click “OK.”

Your PDF will open in Word and you’ll get a prompt. This prompt says that Word will convert your file to an editable document and that you might lose some formatting.

Continue by clicking “OK.”

Tip: If you don’t want to get this prompt in the future, then enable the “Don’t Show This Message Again” option and then click “OK.”

Select "OK" in the prompt.

You can now see the contents of your PDF file on your screen.

View PDF in Word.

If you’d like to make changes to your file, then at the top of your file’s contents, click “Enable Editing.”

And that’s how you use Microsoft Word as a PDF reader on your computer. Very useful!

Access a PDF From Within the Word App

If you’re already inside Word, you don’t have to quit the app to open a PDF. You can launch your file from within the app.

To do that, in Word’s top-left corner, click “File.”

Select "File" in the top-left corner.

From the left sidebar, select “Open.”

In the middle bar, click “Browse.”

Select "Browse."

You’ll see your computer’s standard “open” window. Here, open the folder containing your PDF and double-click the PDF file.

Word will display a message that says your PDF will be converted to an editable document and that you might lose some of its formatting. Click “OK.”

Your PDF’s contents are now displayed on your screen.

Access PDF in Word.

And that’s all there is to accessing PDFs in this popular word processing app. Enjoy!

Did you know you can view PDFs on your Android, iPhone, and iPad devices as well? Check out our guides to learn how to read your PDFs while on the go.

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