Stray: How to open the binary code safe

Feline journey Stray is stuffed to the brim with enjoyable puzzles to unravel, and you may encounter no scarcity of them upon first arriving within the Slums.

As an illustration, the sport’s first residential location is dwelling to a secure sitting in a pile of rubbish, which you are more likely to run throughout when exploring the world close to the musician by the elevator. How do you unlock the secure? We will help you out with that.

open the binary code secure

If you decide up the observe hooked up to the secure, you may discover that it is merely a password written in binary language — which means it is a succession of zeros and ones, as identified by your robotic companion, B-12. When chatting with most robotic denizens across the Slums, they will inform you that “solely an actual geek can learn this,” so it feels like we will have to trace one down.

Step 1: Whereas it is not a required step to fixing the thriller of the binary code secure’s precise passcode, you’ll be able to search out the geek everybody retains alluding to. Heading into the alleyways, and search for the door with the black-and-white blueprints hanging on it. Scratch on the door — a robotic will open it, letting you slink inside.

Step 2: Head up the steps when you’re in the home and discover Elliot sitting at a pc. In case you present him the mysterious paper, he’ll learn the binary code and inform you that you might want to take a look at the Dufer Bar.

Step 3: As soon as you have talked to Elliot and obtained the data, head to the Dufer Bar and waltz proper in, then soar on the bar and look at the tropical image hanging on the wall there to knock it down. This can reveal the code you have been in search of: 1283.

Step 4: Head again to the secure, and enter the code you discovered on the bar to open it. Inside, you may discover Sheet Music 8/8, which you’ll be able to give to the close by musician to listen to him play a catchy tune earlier than being in your meowy method.

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