What is a SERP? Google Search Results & Features You Need To Know

Google Search is always improving to supply additional beneficial results to searchers.

One of many more contemporary numbers we now have declares that Google carried out 4,887 launches, 17,523 stay site visitor experiments, 383,605 search high-quality evaluations, and 62,937 side-by-side experiments to increase the consequences search engine consumers acquired in a single 12 months.

The results of rigorous testing permit Google to find out the very finest search possibilities to send search leads to a format that’s most useful to your query.

This leads to alterations in the best method that search returns are given.

In this text, you’ll study what a SERP is and the numerous search possibilities that would have an impact on the best method your organization looks to your target market.

What is a SERP?

SERP stands for search engine results web page. That is the web page that gives search engine clients the very greatest consequences for their searches.

search engine results pages might change from one search engine consumer to a different primarily relying on quite a lot of components along with whether or not you might be signed in to your Google account, your geographical settings, your language selections, and your search historical past.

The next is the SERP for search engine Optimization.

Initially of the search returns, Google provides the estimated variety of search outcomes for the inquiry and the time it takes to ship the SERP.

In this situation, there are around 828,000,000 websites listed for the key phrase search engine optimization, and results had been supplied in 0.59 seconds.

The first 4 results commencing with an Advert label are pay-per-click Google Advertisements that concentrate on the key keyword search engine optimization.

Following the 4 Google Advertisements, you observe the principal natural itemizing that shows on this SERP for Google’s search engine Optimization Starter Information.

After this natural itemizing, Google adds a Folks Additionally Ask section.

When search consumers click on an inquiry, additional linked queries show. The answers generally connect to a website for extra details.

To the appropriate of the Google Advertisements, natural itemizing, and Folks Additionally Ask section is Google’s information panel for SEO. Knowledge panels may vary mostly dependent on the thing they depict.

In this example, the information panel gets the definition for search engine optimization from Wikipedia, adopted by comparable terms, search engine optimization podcasts, and connected phrases customers also look out for.

The following element of the SERP for search engine optimization contains two additional natural listings, adopted by the local pack that includes search engine optimization companies.

To the left, you may also see a continuation of the information panel, which searches for the dictionary meaning of search engine optimization.

Following the native pack, Google presents the highest information stories about search engine optimization over the preceding 24 hours.

After one other natural itemizing, Google positions three videos from YouTube concerning search engine optimization into the SERP, adopted by one other 4 natural placements.

Lastly, Google has additional natural results and connected queries.

If you’re on a cellular system, Google doesn’t make you click on the use on the second web page of results.

Instead, after an inventory of connected queries, the following web page of search results will robotically appear as you scroll down.

In this situation, the second SERP opens with a Google Advert.

SERP Features

In the initial instance of a SERP from Google.com for search engine optimization, there are a lot of search possibilities past natural search results together with Google Advertisements, Folks Additionally Ask, information panels, prime stories, and videos.

By Semrush Sensor, most SERPs contain not less than one function.

In the U.S., simply 2.34 percent of desktop SERPs do not require a function. In other terms, 2.34 percent of SERPs merely offer the greatest 10 natural search consequences on the web page without adverts, information panels, native packs, and many others.

Let’s look over the SERP alternatives most typically shown on Google.


One of numerous top search alternatives — featured in over 66 percent of SERPs inside the U.S. – is sitelinks.

Sitelinks are essentially hyperlinks that may permit search clients to hunt for certain content stuff beyond the homepage.

In the following SERP for REI, you may notice that REI holds the first spot in natural search. Beneath their itemizing, Google provides a site link search box adopted by 4 site links to well-liked sites on their website.

Be taught more about optimizing your website for site links.

Folks Additionally Ask

One additional excellent search function is the Folks Additionally Ask component. This function may see at any position on a SERP.

It normally starts by presenting 5 of the top queries asked a few search queries. In the following SERP for [search engine], Google adds a Folks Additionally Ask segment after the first natural search result.

When anybody clicks on an inquiry underneath the persons also ask section, it can reveal the reply to the query, together with a hyperlink to the supplier for the reply. It should moreover robotically produce extra queries linked to the one the client merely clicked.


In addition to the stars you see within the local pack for native business evaluations and the celebs you notice in buying adverts, Google may also provide star rankings and overview counts inside natural search results.

In the following SERP for a current bestseller e-book, you may witness the evaluations function in motion on two of the top three natural listings.

Be taught additional about how one may optimize associated pages in your website for reviews using the review snippet.


When Google thinks {that a} search inquiry will greatest be addressed graphically, they employ the images option. This feature might appear anywhere in all of the SERPs.

In the following search for a [pumpkin plant], Google provides you with a dozen photographs of pumpkin crops.

When clicked upon, the connection links to Google image search results for the inquiry, with additional particulars in regards to the picture picked.

To optimize your images for Google picture search and the potential to appear within the photographs in half of connected SERPs, take a look at these 12 crucial picture optimization concepts.


Much like the image feature, the video function of SERPs might appear anywhere on the web pages.

In the following seek for [1st party data activation], Google offers a piece of movies from YouTube after 4 adverts, a highlighted snippet, Folks Additionally Ask, and 5 natural search results.

To appear inside the movies area of SERPs, how to optimize your YouTube movies.

Knowledge Panels

Knowledge panels are robotically created containers of valuable knowledge, gathered from multiple sources throughout the web by the Knowledge Graph. They normally appear on the proper aspect of search returns.

In the following SERP for [tennis], Google offers an information panel with a summary of what tennis is and the favored searches linked to it.

Google gives precise guidelines on replacing the information available inside the Knowledge Graph.

Native Packs

When there are native results that fit your search inquiry, you may view them appear in a local pack.

Listings in a neighborhood pack normally look with reviews, a tackle, and hours of operation.

In keeping with the Native Pack-O-Meter, 35.7 percent of about 60 million search queries inside the U.S. featured a neighborhood pack in March of 2022.

Over the preceding 12 months, it has ranged from 33 percent to 33.9 percent.

If in case you operate a local business, study additional about native search engine optimization and why it concerns your SMB.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets normally appear on the top of SERPs, delivering a slice of content material from one of many high natural search consequences for a distinct issue.

For instance, a search for [how to alter app icons] can create a highlighted snippet with a video from YouTube that solves the query.

Featured snippets are normally designated as such within the lower proper nook underneath the snippet content material.

Different codecs of featured snippets comprise numbered or bulleted lists, just like the consequences of [ways to submit a book to a publication].

In the preceding instance, you may observe that highlighted snippets often come under Google Advertisements for definite search queries.

In a search for [nft], the top result’s a featured snippet in paragraph format.

In this search for the very best listing of eating places from a specified supply, the result’s a highlighted fragment in a desk style.

If you need your website to be the source of a featured snippet, watch this 12-step information to optimize your content material for highlighted snippets.

Google Advertisements

Sponsored results from marketers using Google Advertisements could look on the top and backend of SERPs.

In this search for vehicle insurance coverage, the SERP opens with three advertisements. After natural listings, a Folks Additionally Ask portion, and high stories, Google offers a further three adverts, adopted by connected queries.

Procuring Advertisements

In addition to uncomplicated textual content adverts, Google moreover gives shops the freedom to develop buying advertisements for their items.

Procuring advertising normally features the title of the product, value, merchant, and product rating.

If you desire to function your items in buying ads, remember to discover this newbie’s information about purchasing advertisements.


Carousels frequently look on the top of SERPs, delivering rapid responses to the search inquiry.

For instance, a search for [dog breeds] leads to a carousel of photos with the preferred canine breeds that various Google clients seek.

Instant Solutions

Need to receive a speedy solution to a question without needing to go on using a website?

Instant Answers is a search tool Google makes use of to provide solutions to a search consumer’s issue on the top of the SERP.

For instance, should you want an immediate’s temperature, odds are you’ll receive the next in your place.

If you’re searching for showtimes for a specific film, Google could show showtimes from the theatres nearest to you.

If it’s necessary to convert forex on the current change fee, Google could be able to provide the reply within the SERP.

Scheduling a gathering spanning time zones? Google may compute the differentiation between two places, in addition, to providing the current instances in each.

Unsure what a term means? Google could supply the definition, combined with the origin and cumulative usage throughout time.

Need help correcting a math drawback? Google could offer the answers along with a targeted calculator.

Google may also give on-the-spot answers on the top of SERPs for the next types of searches.

  • Translating a phrase or phrase.
  • Calculating the variety of days until a particular date or future vacation.
  • Discovering the rating of a contemporary sporting activities pastime.
  • Figuring out the age of someone is mostly dependent on their birthday.
  • Getting the dates to well-liked gatherings, such as conferences, and festivals.
  • Seeing the current share value and market abstract for well-liked shares.
  • Top Tales

If a search inquiry includes connected information stories, Google could present a piece of high tales from media stores.

In this SERP for MacBook, Google offers the greatest stories following buying advertising, natural results, Folks Additionally Ask, and additional purchasing consequences.

Learn to optimize your content material for Google Information for your articles might appear within the high tales for connected search inquiries.


A tiny fraction of SERPs will function tweets linked to the search query.

In the following seek for search engine Journal, after the first natural search result and individuals furthermore inquire element, the most recent tweets from our official Twitter account show.

Learn how you need to utilize Twitter to expand your presence in search results.


Google search clients on cellular devices may notice possibilities that be exclusively out there on cellular.

In the following search for picture-altering applications, Google presents programs from the Apple shop after three advertisements and a listing of apps from sources throughout the web.

Product Comparisons

Google has the freedom to take product data and present it in search results for consumers looking to assess products. In the following search for [iphone 12 vs iPhone 12 pro], you may notice a side-by-side listing of the product photos, evaluations, worth, and additional particulars.

When search shoppers click on the thorough comparison hyperlink, Google offers more particulars in regards to the items in contrast, together with the possibility to add other merchandise for comparability when linked.

Top Merchandise

In contrast to buying advertising, the top merchandise feature exposes unadvertised products connected to a search inquiry.

In the following seek for mirrorless cameras, Google reveals the top mirrorless cameras after natural search results and a Folks Additionally Ask section.

Whenever you click on on a product, additional particulars in regards to the thing appear.

Google displays evaluations from third-party websites, pricing from several merchants, high insights from media shops, and evaluations from several retailers.


Google supports job searchers by gathering jobs from different sources around the web and presenting them within SERPs for searches like [jobs near me].

Learn to improve your job listings to make sure Google spots them.


Google continues to update its algorithm and search alternatives to offer bigger expertise for search consumers.

At all times be searching out for fresh new possibilities appearing in SERPs in your concentrated search queries.

Then, find methods to optimize your websites to appear in search alternatives that may attract additional notice to your model in SERPs.

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